Does the drink have a degree of sweetness?

Hello, our drinks In addition to green tea is micro-sugar, the rest are half sugar.

How many days can drinks be placed?

Hello, our drinks are all smoothies recommended to drink within 2 hours taste the best.

Is there any sugar in the drink?

Sorry, our smoothies are not sugar-free, help you make micro-sugar, okay!

What breed/origin is mung bean?

Hello, we are the selection of advanced high-quality green beans, have passed the national food testing qualified projects Oh!

If the guest asks about the variety

Sorry, this belongs to the company’s business secrets.

Did the green bean sand go down and hit the ice?

Hello, our green bean sand is made of ice sand with the whole raw material, not traditional with ice cubes, so the taste will be more dense.

Is the mung bean sand soaked with powder?

Hello, our mung bean sand is made of the whole raw bean, the process does not add any green bean powder Oh!

Will mung bean sand plus milk be less ice or not sweet?

Hello, add milk is still smoothies Oh! But it will be less sweet!

Can mung bean sand go to the ice?

Green bean sand is fixed ice sand, can not go to ice Oh!

Does the drink use fructose?

Hello, all our beverage items are made of natural sucrose.

Does the drink have a degree of ice separation?

Hello, our drinks in addition to green bean sand, the rest of the drinks can be less ice, more ice.

Green bean sand is not immediately to drink, to be refrigerated or frozen?

Hello, green bean sand While there is ice, be sure to put frozen, before drinking early thaw, and evenly shake can be.

is black tea only half sugar?

Hello, black tea is originally half sugar, or to help you make a micro-sugar.

Is the pearl a big one or a small one?

Hello, we all use large pearls.

is the lemon raw juice or condensed?

Hello, lemon with fresh raw juice.

What Brand is Dodo?

Hello, we are using more music to make.

What kind of red tea do you use?

Hello, we use the upper Assam Black Tea series.

What kind of tea do you use for green tea? Not quite like a different one?

Hello, we are using Jasmine green tea, unlike other other, there is a natural floral fragrance.

Why isn't the smoothie full?

Hello, we are full cup, if more words will not be tight, drinks will leak.

Do you use fresh milk?

Hello, we are using light springs fresh milk.

Why does your milk taste different from the one I bought?

Hello, we are using light springs fresh milk to make special tones.

Can I go to the ice for the drink, please?

Sorry, our drink itself is made of smoothies, help you do less ice, okay?