10 Yuan Grandma Spirit

“Why ask” by Ms. He Xiubi in 1988, in the early simplicity of Taiwan’s space-time background, adhere to the use of high-quality raw materials, materials really, into a bucket of thirst and cool ice sand. “Why ask” has been in Taiwan night market stalls deep roots 30, fed several generations of Taiwan Nong, regardless of the sweet and sour, Ms. He Xiubi always with the most simple thick and full of human smile warm every customer’s heart, Ms. He Xiubi also insisted that guests drink cool and affordable, just as mother often said: “It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter, The workmanship should be full of horses love to drink healthy! Cameges lost “, always to the approachable price in silence for Taiwan pay.

The second generation through the “Why Ask” brand in succession to the mother’s signature smile into the modern kuso elements, continue to the Taiwan Nong Tsai to relieve the warmth, continue to be approachable simple price, the use of high-quality raw materials, complex production methods, full mouth is to eat the material is good indeed.

Brand Advantages

Student ethnic group

Economic pressure is small, consumption view more self, like “new”, “Tide”, do not want to be limited by the social framework, as long as it is like, to their own appetite, it is very dare to spend money.

Blue-collar class

Because of the harsh working environment, Taiwan’s hot and humid heat, often need to drink cold drinks to quench thirst, at least 3 cups a day to jump.

Small Capital Ethnic group

The work pressure is big, the economic pressure is big, every day a cup of small sure to soothe the mind.

Brand goals

Consumer groups

Young, Petty, blue and white

Shop View

Vivid design image, eye-catching, high memory point


High profit

Sufficient product line, diversity and wide guest layer


Shop Style

High degree of freedom of business, according to the commercial circle development

Market Opportunities

Full-time operation

Brand Advantages

Visual Eye-catching

Who said that container house can not take the exquisite route, desktop aesthetic modeling style design, break the traditional simple container house appearance, visual image eye-catching, attract consumers to look, enhance popularity, create business opportunities.

Pro-People prices

Kind close to the consumer’s product price, small cost can not only enjoy exquisite cold drinks, a variety of ancient early ice sand let you relive the solid taste of childhood. In a period of economic downturn, it is more able to look at customers tight bags.

Pricing by volume

Comprehensive production equipment raw materials to provide, Headquarters has more than 30 years of experience in the equipment, raw material procurement team, to measure the price, reduce the cost of equipment materials, reduce the cost of joining the main store, improve profitability. Perfect logistics and distribution, so that you make money without worries.

Easy to learn

Standardized operation process, easy to learn and understand, a short period of time can be the brand management technology transferred to the franchisee, and the integration of the production of operating manuals, in case of store training and use.

Complete planning

Complete enterprise identification, marketing planning system, with a complete enterprise identification system, trademark registration, a number of enterprise creative marketing team, regardless of the opening advertising, network marketing, store card design, Container House packaging, signboard design and other various marketing planning activities to help you free package service, so that you are more competitive.

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